BREAD: A SWEET SURRENDER (The Musical Journey of David Gates, James Griffin & Co.)

by Malcolm C. Searles

Published and distributed by HELTER SKELTER PUBLISHING (UK) in 2014, the hardback edition was received to unanimous praise from both Bread fans and music historians alike, and swiftly sold out. The book is now available directly from the publishers as a paperback edition (although it also regularly pops up on eBay too !)…

Follow the story of David Gates, James Griffin, Robb Royer, Mike Botts and Larry Knechtel through their formative years, learning their trade through the tumultuous 1960s – the solo careers, the groups, the sessions – before coming together to form one of the most successful bands of the 1970s.

MAKE IT WITH YOU, BABY I’M-A WANT YOU, THE GUITAR MAN, EVERYTHING I OWN, IF… and so many more great, great hits !

However, the phenomenal success of these ballads swept their more progressive music aside, and internal disagreements followed – lawsuits, intermittent solo careers – before the bitterness was briefly put aside for their successful 1990s reunion tour. Sadly, tragedy was to follow shortly afterwards with the passing of three of the band members…

272 Pages

ISBN: 9781905139347

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UPDATE: This book has now been afforded a US distribution deal and will also be available in North America from October 2019. More details to follow…

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© Malcolm C. Searles 2014