BREAD : A SWEET SURRENDER (The Musical Journey of David Gates, James Griffin & Co.)

by Malcolm C. Searles


“Well, I couldn’t stop reading even though this was a hard read for me. I am really amazed by all the information and the way you have pulled everything together! There is a lot that I didn’t know that now I do. Thank you again for writing this book and for allowing me to be a part of it…” – MARTI GRIFFIN (widow of James Griffin)

“I loved it. Great book. It actually made my life feel important!” – ROBB ROYER (founder member)

“This book was surely a labour of love for the author and it shows. It’s probably the best music biography I’ve ever read. No nasty gossip, just simply a very classy work…” – Amazon review

This book is an essential read for every Breadhead and, indeed, anyone who has enjoyed their music over the years…“- Amazon review

“This is a brilliant book. It’s everything you always wanted to know about Bread and its members – and then some…”- Amazon review

“Has there ever been a more middle-of-the-road band than Bread? Songs like ‘Baby I’m-a Want You’ and ‘Make It With You’ make The Carpenters sound like Black Flag, whilst the sweetness and melancholy of ‘Diary’ and ‘Everything I Own’ suggest that the band’s name was entirely apt in a soft, squidgy Mother’s Pride kind of way.  Malcolm C. Searles, however, loves their music and has painstakingly traced the band’s story. This is true labour of love and it does its job with a thoroughness other, hipper biogs might learn from…” – Classic Rock Magazine