THE ASSOCIATION : CHERISH (The Story of America’s First Folk-Rock Band)

by Malcolm C. Searles


“I was reading the book last night and learned things about the rest of the guys that I didn’t know about! Everything that I had said in the book was exactly as I could recall it. It’s great to read stuff that’s not made up! It’s a blast for me to read this book, and even better that I’m in the band and I can remember some of the things that the other guys talked about in their own words. There’s some really interesting and funny stuff in there! If you don’t have it yet, get it!…” – Del Ramos (Association band member). 2019

“This is a superbly researched, well written account of one of the most underrated groups of the 60’s.. The author has marshalled the facts of the band’s complex history with a lightness of touch that belies these complexities and has helped to restore the groups legacy and is not afraid to hint at the occasional darkness that set back their progress and development. However, this is balanced by moments of humour and joy. Buy with confidence and ‘Cherish’ every word…” – Amazon review. 2018

“The author has done an incredible amount of research for this book, it seems the only person he didn’t speak to was ‘Mary’. Full of heartbreaking, funny, eye opening detail. A great read, and a superb insight into the music industry. Recommended to any fan of sixties music…” – Amazon review. 2018

“As a long time fan of the Association, and after seeing them perform in over forty different venues and meeting them in person, I thought I knew all about the group. Boy, was I wrong. Mr. Searles gives an impressive history of my favorite group of the 60’s. If you are a fan of the band or not, this is truly a fantastic look into the ‘golden age’ of rock and a complete story of one of the most successful groups to come out of the 60’s. 400 plus pages of don’t miss rock history…” – Amazon review. 2018

“If you haven’t bought it yet don’t delay. Terrific book…” – Facebook review. 2018

“This is a music book to cherish, and the author has to be congratulated for his research and the many interviews he conducted…” – Steve Hoffman Music Forum. 2018

“This is a ‘must read’ book for all Association fans… indeed, all lovers of good quality 60s music. The level of detail is astonishing. I thought I knew a lot about the band – I was wrong! From their early beginnings through to the present this is a glorious tribute to a much-loved and respected group. Fantastic research – so many great stories about the individual members and those key figures associated with them. I never ever imagined I’d see a book about them. Congratulations – a magnificent achievement…” – Facebook review. 2018

“Well guys, there’s no doubt about it. This book should be in every library. I loved Malcolm C. Searles book on Bread… but I think this one is even better. I have done little more on the last couple days than binge read it. I love it and it’s seriously rekindled my love of Association. 5 stars. Highest recommended…” – Facebook review. 2018.

“Malcolm Searles provides a thorough account of everyone who was in or tied to The Association before, during and after their 60s hit years, from their folk-rock roots to oldies concerts today. Lesser-known and rarer Association recordings are covered, and many band members were interviewed exclusively for this book.” – Goldmine Magazine. 2018

“Searles skillfully narrates the happy circumstances that brought (the band members) together. And what a journey! Colossal hits of beautiful sunshine harmonies… ‘Cherish’ is well-written, thoroughly researched and well worth the wait…” – Shindig Magazine. 2018